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OFL CAHSEE All Star Games 2014 Recap: Huntington Park

CAHSEE All Star Games - OFL Huntington Park

Submitted by OFL LA Region Staff Deborah George and Marcilyn Jones

CAHSEE All Star Recap 2014 Opportunities For Learning LA Region

OFL Compton's AWESOME Draft Day!

Opportunities For Learning Compton Draft Day

Submitted by Lead Teacher Cassi Chamberlain

OFL Graduates Accepted as 1st Year College Students

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Submitted by OFL San Fernando Valley Student Advisor Carla Mueller

“One Size Doesn’t Fit All” Hits Home

Blog Article: One Size Doesn't Fit All

The other night I could tell my daughter was having a hard time. As I went over to talk to her she broke down sobbing, saying she was under too much stress and was worried about school. My first thought was, “how can a fifth grader be this stressed out about school? Isn’t she way too young to worry about this kind of thing?”  

Then, I thought back to when I was in fifth grade, and realized I had concerns at that age too. One of my biggest? Figuring out how to avoid getting called on by the teacher since I couldn’t see the chalkboard (I wasn’t going to let anyone know I had glasses hidden away in my desk). Even worse than the chalkboard was the overhead projector or those old filmstrips with the little words at the bottom – tough times for sure and at that age those things mattered to me.

A Teacher's Perspective

A Teacher's Perspective

Submitted by Jared Sanchez, Teacher -
So much of who we are as a school goes beyond traditional modalities of education. As a teacher, we often find ourselves inspiring the timid, encouraging the faint and forging the strong. Late last year, I found myself in a very familiar situation that we often face at Opportunities For Learning.

A student needed one-on-one math support for a particularly difficult section in his math unit. I noticed he was in a bad mood and overcome with frustration. Understandably, any normal student who works on math will get frustrated on occasion. However, as I worked with this student, I noticed that his feelings were greatly impeding his ability to get any support. So I laid my cards on the table and explained to him that the reason he was working with me was so that we could understand this section - which would help him pass his exam, which would then help him complete his math requirement, which would help him graduate, and so on and so forth. He was a bit surprised that I took the time to talk to him about the “big picture” of this math tutoring session. I asked him to lay his cards on the table so that we could get to the bottom of his frustration and, hopefully, begin to understand his math.

High Desert Region Celebrates Second Annual Fall Musical

Submitted by Cynthia Martin - ELA SGI: Students from all five centers in the High Desert Region presented the play, Runaways, at the Palmdale Playhouse on Friday and Saturday, October 18th and 19th. Over 800 audience members attended the three performances and 42 students participated on stage. Over sixty students auditioned for parts in the production.

OFL High Desert Students Keep California's Coasts Clean

M  SCHOOL PHOTOS OFL High Desert CCC Coastal Cleanup 9 21 13 resized 600

Submitted by Lindsay Lezama, Student Advisor- HD/Lancaster Centers - On Saturday, September 21, 2013 the California Coastal Commission sponsored its 29th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day. Students from Opportunities for Learning- High Desert region were amongst the tens of thousands of Californians who lent their hands in support of clean beaches and inland waterways.  Students scoured shorelines and inland locations, picking up trash and debris at the Marina Park located in the Ventura Beach area and earned 5 hours of community service.

An Evening of Scientific Excellence - OFL Science Fair 2013

Opportunities For Learning - Science Fair 2013

Submitted by Sarah Fordyce, SGI Science Teacher - On a warm October evening, 150 parents, teachers, and family members gathered at the Watts center to support 38 students participating in the first ever OFL science fair.  Participating students were in SGI Biology and Earth science classes since the July start of the school year. 

Opportunities For Learning Extension Program Starts November 2013

Opportunities For Learning Online Extension Program

Article Credit: Dr. Christine Kasitz, Online Program Supervisor - Starting in November, Opportunities For Learning will be piloting the OFL – Extension Program in several cities.  Students participating in the Extension Program will take online courses, meet with their teachers virtually on a weekly basis, and face to face at least twice per school month.  Students will be required to spend 4 -6 hours working on school work daily which will be monitored by the teacher. 

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